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Hiiiyaa it's Dider, ze BOSSMANs. Lone wolf over here OOOWWWW OWWWWWW!!!!! Rick and Morty touched me and my buddies in places we never thought was possible. SoOoOo we thought we'd make a site to share our appreciation for our favourite cartoon show! Be sure to pop over to the store to browse through some great fan made rick and morty merchandise. We have tiny of the rick and morty t shirts, tiny rick and morty phone cases, tiny rick and morty prints, tiny rick and morty dolls ....Oh sh*t we've even got tiny rick and morty stickers! OOO-WWEEE i'm even going to start writing rick and morty blog content so that you can keep up to date on the latest news and fan theories, OOO-WWEEE how does that sound? Check out the blog in a couple of weeks time....or longer to see what strange content i've come up with OOO-WEEE!
Rick is a d*ck - i f*ckin love that dude!
Here's some of his best bits from season 1

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